Sales Funnel Management

Closely related to Contacts Management is Sales Funnel Management. Most CRM systems of any value will also allow you to track the sales process. The most critical tasks are to ensure that prospects are recontacted according to a plan, and that the related information is captured. If there are several sales people handling leads, it is also important that information is shared so that no lead is dropped because of “Oh, I thought Fred was taking care of that one!”

If the sales process itself is more important than retaining customer information, a Workflow product such as KissFlow may be a better fit. Workflow products manage the process, rather than the contact information. In most cases, a combination of CRM and Workflow produces the best results. Effective integration with email and social media simplifies both the lead management and the workflow process.

The final part of Funnel Management is reporting. Without process and efficiency reports, you don’t know how effective your sales team is, or where the weak areas are. Reporting doesn’t have to be anything complex – a simple status dashboard showing time since last contact, stage of process, and projected/actual revenue is a good first step. Showing the results by salesperson allows assignment of leads for maximum results, and pinpoints weak performers.

Sales Funnel Management allows you to make best use of your sales team, whether that is just yourself or an entire department. Either way, enforcing a process and tracking the results will increase your bottom line results.