Off-site Backups

When disaster strikes, you need off-site backups of critical data to keep your business running. Are you prepared? Whether the disaster be flood, fire, power outage, or anything short of total societal collapse, it’s likely you will want your business to continue.

Having local backups is important but insufficient. With modern cloud storage solutions commonly available and relatively inexpensive, there really isn’t an excuse to not be making regular off-site backups. There are 3 main options:

  1. Manually making backups onto removable media and physically taking them to a secure external location. Advantage: cheap. Disadvantage: it gets tedious and forgotten.
  2. Mirrored drives accessed over a VPN. An example would be mirrored NAS devices such as QNAP. Advantage: Set and forget until needed. Disadvantage: requires some networking and systems knowledge to set up, moderate costs both up-front and potentially ongoing.
  3. Cloud storage such as OneDrive for Business, Box, DropBox, etc. Advantage: Ubiquitous and easy to set up. Disadvantage: potential security and cost considerations.

No matter which approach you use, it is imperative that you use one of some sort. In the event that a falling satellite demolishes your office at 3am, you can then access your data from a remote site and use it to carry on your business.