Managing Contacts

Any company in growth mode must track leads and customers. Maintaining existing customers is far more efficient than finding new ones, so that must be the base to support growth. Building on that base requires an effective sales funnel. Knowing funnel statistics allows you to focus efforts for maximum return on investment.

If you do a search for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, you will see that there are hundreds of results. Many of those are completely viable. Many are industry-specific. Many cost a lot, are difficult and slow to implement, and are a PITA to use and maintain. You can find free, open-source applications such as Fat Free CRM, or you can spend a moderate amount per user per month on products such as Insightly, or you can go full-blown Enterprise level with products such as or Microsoft Dynamics. In short, you can spend anywhere from “nothing” to US$300/user/month. That of course doesn’t include implementation or servicing costs.

Making the wrong choice can cost you hundreds of hours and enormous amounts of money. That’s just the cost of making the wrong software decision, but the costs of lost business can be far higher. Even with a system in place, if your staff find it cumbersome it won’t be used. Then you’re paying for something that just annoys people and still doesn’t contribute to your revenue.

How does one choose? You should engage a consultant with no vested interest, but one who has long and deep experience in a variety of systems. Someone who has knowledge of a variety of industries and who has worked in the entire analysis to implementation to support process will save you time and money. In other words, call Joe at 613-433-6470 or email joe (you know what goes here) You’ll get honest and direct guidance on this important aspect of building your business.