Dirty Little Secret

Shopify.com is a major vendor of shopping-cart technology, and a major Canadian success story. A blog entry last week clearly explains some of the issues I have experienced with large-scale “Enterprise” software. Have a look at this, then come back: The Dirty Little Secret Traditional Enterprise Software Companies Don’t Want You Knowing

Loren Padelford is the General Manager of Shopify Plus. I have never met him, but on at least this issue, I completely agree with him. Much of the work I did earlier in my career was in building small, ad-hoc systems to get around the failings of Enterprise software. The most egregious example was with a large multinational company which makes packaging for liquid consumer goods such as juices. When I was contracting to them they were two-thirds of the way through implementing one of those large Enterprise suites, supplied by a company based in Germany. They had spent about €600,000,000 at that point. Yes, nine zeros. Most of the internal processes and systems in the company had to be restructured to suit the software. I thought then, and I still think now, that this was insanity. But of course they were also paying me to fill the gaps, so I wasn’t complaining.

The moral of the story? Technology has moved on. Read Loren’s post (I know, you probably just scanned it. Now go back and read the whole thing!) Then email joe (you know what goes here) mifaras.com or call me at 613-433-6470 to discuss how you can use modern tools and technology to beat the big companies at their own game.