Startup companies – we can help!

Tech and other startup companies often do not have in-house expertise in setting up new systems, from office productivity to a development environment. Many have little idea of what systems they need for long-term growth. Such companies need guidance in that critical early stage, and on-going occasional consulting as they get their internal staffing built up. No one person has all the necessary skills to do the job right, but a small integrated team can address the critical areas:

· Overall business process planning and structures
· Paralegal assistance for incorporation and contracts
· Productivity systems planning and implementation (Office software, time tracking, reporting, document management, etc.)
· HR advice and policies implementation
· Supply Chain Management advice
· Accounting advice and systems setup
· Development systems planning and setup (for software companies)
· Physical infrastructure planning and implementation

We can help. Start by reading the ongoing posts which cover the critical areas.

Led by Joe Federer and Dave Ryan, will get you up and running with systems which support immediate productivity and long-term growth. Call Joe at 613-433-6470 or email joe (you know what goes here) for a free initial conversation.